George Washington University

Case Study    George Washington University

Honouring Donors

Curtis Australia has a proud history, having been awarded for its excellence both internationally and nationally.

Because of this George Washington University found it fitting to appoint Curtis to recognise the commitment and cumulative giving of their most generous supporters.

The university was assigned a personal account manager who worked with university throughout the production process to ensure that design and production, as well as any questions were promptly handled by knowledgeable and skilled Curtis staff.

The end result saw the architecture of a prominent meeting place at George Washington University was captured in remarkable detail on the handle of a solid sterling silver letter opener. The quality and prestige of these items means that they were not made for everyday gifts, but tailored towards recognising the universities most important relationships.

George Washington University - Gift for Donors Concept Drawings
Gift for Donors Concept Drawings
George Washington University - Gift for Donors Finished Product
Finished Product and Packaging

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